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Straight Isaac Hard Bait Max Hardin
'Straight boy Isaac is back to do another video and he's looking better than ever. He's put on at least several pounds of muscle. Now add 6' tall Issac's new muscularity to his big, thick 9 inch dick and you're looking at one hot 22 year old stud. Isaac tells us he is still dating the same girl and let's us know that she watched his video. We asked if she was pissed and he answered ''we had great sex after'', so she was more than good with it. Since then she's been trying to get Isaac into more edgy sex with toys and stuff. She's wanted to fuck him with a dildo and butt plug and he said he almost did it, but in the end he chickened out. So, they've been fighting and they're relationship is a bit tattered because of Isaac's reluctance to experiment with his sexuality. She wasn't quitting on him, instead she decides to set up her best, gay friend, Max, with her boyfriend. Her ultimate fantasy is to have a three way with her friend and her boyfriend. Max, her friend, had a membership and was shocked, yet very turned on to see his best friend's obviously straight boyfriend, Isaac, going gay4pay. He actually didn't know that Isaac's girlfriend knew about Bait Buddies and had already seen the video, so he never said anything to her - but that's another story altogether. Anyway, now that they all knew -so, the cat being out of the bag - it was decided by the girlfriend that it would be a great idea for her two men to hook-up and get paid for it on Bait Buddies just like Isaac had done with his prior video. Isaac agreed that it might fix their sexual relationship by opening his horizons a bit more, but the real payoff would be to earn enough money for the three of them to go on a previously planned cruise. Now that you know the story, sit back and enjoy Straight boy Isaac fucking his girlfriend's gay best friend Max, who eventually returns the favor by fucking Isaac. Yes, the story is a bit convoluted, but the outcome is very hot!


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