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Straight Jake Bait Kevin Grover
'Nobody knows more about riding Bronco's than our straight boy, hot Texan cowboy, Jake. At 37, Jake is a bit older than most of the guys on, but nobody is turning down this deep voiced, masculine, very straight, hairy hunk of a farm boy and his almost 8 inch ''everything is bigger in Texas'' cock. He's also got a gorgeous bubble butt and tells Caruso that the girls always comment on it when he wears his jeans with cowboy boots. We bet he looks great on the dance floor doing line dancing and the two step (he really does do that cowboy stuff). Jake also tells us that he's an 'outdoorsy' type of guy who loves to hunt and fish for his food. He's also pretty good at hunting for pussy and says he gets his share almost nightly, but living in a small Texas town has to go into the 'big city' to find it. Our Bait boy is Kevin, your typical 19 year old gay teenager who's sex hormones are still bubbling up like a hot cauldron. He doesn't say much, but that's OK with us. He's basically there to service our cowboy's big cock with his expert mouth and hot little bubble butt. Caruso has the boys strip down to show us their stuff. We're mainly interested in Jake, and who wouldn't be. His naturally fit, hairy body, from farming, hunting and riding horses is so sexy you can almost smell him right through the video (of course we actually did - right in the studio) and yum, he smells all man. The pussy porn he's watching gets his big cock up real fast - while Kevin is instantly hard from eating up Jake with his eyes as Jake pretty much ignores Kevin. It's now time to get going, but the girl ain't showing. So, Caruso offers Jake an alternative to the original 3 way with a girl. You can see from Jake's face, he knows something is fishy and it's not the pussy he was expecting. When he finds out that in order to make some money he'll have to have sex with Kevin, he says ''I don't think so, it's not my style.'' Before Caruso can finish his rationalization for doing gay porn, an impatient Kevin just grabs Jake's cock and starts stroking. Jake is a bit taken aback, but just stands there frozen in what looks like an expression of ''is this really happening''. It must've felt good, because it didn't take long for him to give in and go along with the new 'gay' arrangement. Caruso then tells Jake to ''help Kevin out'' and he asks ''I touch him?'' and follows up with ''I don't know, it's a little gay''. Jake gives in and makes a half assed effort to stroke his new buddy's cock. It's really funny when Caruso corrects him by saying ''do it like you do it to yourself'' and Jake tries to figure it out by attempting to position his hand in the air, so that he can stroke Kevin's cock correctly. Next is the blow job, Kevin sucks the cowboy's man sized cock lovingly. When Caruso tells Jake it's his turn, Jake says ''I don't know if I can do it... I don't know how''. He gives a shot and boy is he right, he really has no idea what to do. So, Caruso chimes in as says ''make believe it's a big clit'' and sure enough, Jake knew exactly what to do with his mouth on Kevin's cock. With the blow jobs over, Caruso asks Jake what he thinks of Kevin's butt and Jake answers ''it's hairy'' and doesn't seem to be happy about that fact. Yet, in for a dime, in for a dollar as he dons a rubber and Kevin sits and mounts his cock. Jake keeps his eyes closed - he actually looks a bit frightened at this point. Things pick up when Kevin gets on his back in a missionary position and the hot Texan stud thrusts his cock into the teen's ass like it was a one night stand with some cheap pussy he picked up at a bar - not that Kevin minded. Jake is grinding and pounding his cock into the boy with his big, firm, bubble butt clenching away until Kevin can't hold back and shoots his hot load as he moans through his entire orgasm. Jake then rips off the rubber and with the sweat running down his body, jacks his dick hard and furious until he shoots a huge load, one of the biggest and most intense we've seen, all over Kevin's torso. After Jake shoots a load like a horse (his own words) he unexpectedly falls forward and gives Kevin a peck on his lips. When asked about that, he says he got ''stuck in the moment' and tells us that he needs a beer to process all this. After we watched him ride Kevin like a Bronco, we did too!


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