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Straight Christian Bait Andy Brown
'Andy Brown is back. This cute, tall (6'3'') nicely built, hung and hairy boy originally came to us almost 4 years ago for his very first homo experience. He returned in April of this year as a Bait boy and is here again today to play that role once more. Andy has worked in construction for years and is now in the process of staring his own business in a related field. Now he's here at in the role of the ''sacrificial lamb'' as he refers to it. But, once you watch the end of this video, you'll see that he didn't make any sacrifice and certainly wasn't playing a submissive role. Our unsuspecting Straight boy this week, Christian, is a beach boy, a surfer who says his cock gets hard when he's being watched - an exhibitionist at heart, yet a newbie to porn... He's hairy and masculine and stands at 6ft with some piercings, tattoos and a ''pre-installed'' cockring. Other than the ink, we weren't expecting any of the rest as they did not appear in his original photos. His body piercing is somewhat unusual - it's called a Guiche (pronounced geesh) Piercing, basically a ring through the taint - that cherished, sensitive area between the butthole and the ball sack. In the 80's if we saw that piercing we would be 100% correct in saying he was into gay BDSM, however today it's become a popular piercing for straight guys too - especially in the married swingers set for some odd reason. Anyway, guys who have it say the sensation of a girl playing with it or licking it is super hot. And, of course, his pierced ears and cockring are now very mainstream. OK, so the guys are stripped down and showing off their sexy, hairy bods and jacking their cocks while watching some pussy porn and Caruso has left the set to procure the 'girl'. As usual, he returns empty handed, girl-less and the boys can't get paid... unless that is, if they have sex with each other. Christian, our straight porn newbie, is pretty taken aback by the series of events and is ready to leave the building. He tells us that he's not gay and not having sex with Andy. But, being in the 'bubble' with two other guys, Caruso and Andy, feeding him the ''it's just show business'' rap, Christian gives in and says he'll try it as long as he can leave if he doesn't like it. It appears that he's not going anywhere and it doesn't take long to get Christian on his knees sucking his first cock. He doesn't mind it much, but is way more enthusiastic about the fucking. So, he slips on a rubber and horny Andy happily sits right on the dude's rock hard cock telling him ''it's tight, I'm not gay''. Then there's lots of moaning, Christian is totally into fucking this 6'3'' hairy man and tells Andy ''it almost feels like a pussy'', to which Andy replies ''pretend I'm your girlfriend... but not bitchy''. We all had a good giggle over that as Christian takes Andy's advice, puts him on his back and jack hammers Andy's butt just like he would with some slutty pussy . Andy moans through the sex, screaming out ''pump that fucking ass'' and before long shoots his load. Christian pulls off his rubber and strokes like a madman, but is having trouble reaching a climax. Caruso gives him plenty of time... Christian is all tightened up, his skin is red hot and sweaty and his pumping his cock like a machine. When he finally cums it's quite the sight. His orgasm is so intense that he's screaming and shaking like a maniac and can barely catch his breath. Once he calms down, he said he always cums hard, but this time he was so turned on because of the cameras and the fact he was being watched. And we really loved watching Christian and Andy up close and personal - now it's your turn!


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