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Straight Chris Hewitt Bait Jacob Durham
'It's that time of year again, goblins, ghosts, ghouls and monsters - it's Halloween and that means ''Fantasy Fest'' in Key West. If you've never been, put it on your bucket list - sooner than later - 'cause before you know it, Key West will be all breeders and we'll just have to find another tropical paradise to revitalize. Anyway, our guys this week were on their way down to this famous Halloween shindig at the most southern point in the U.S. and they needed money to party. One of those guys is the very cute and hung, Jacob Durham, who started his now very successful Gay4Pay career as a straight guy ''victim''. So, where better to get some quick cash than doing some fucking at Caruso's studio which just happens to be on the way from the Carolinas to Key West. Better yet, Jacob is travelling with his buddy, Chris, a cute as they come southern boy, who just happens be the recently dumped ex-boyfriend of Jacob's cousin Cindy. As the shoot progresses, we find out little by little that Cindy and Chris' former relationship had a very kinky side mostly from his buddy Jacob who let's us know Cindy told him that Chris likes his hole played with and that he also let her fuck him with a medium size strap on. So, we weren't shocked when the boys came in and Chris agreed to have first time gay sex with his buddy, suck his friend's cock and get fucked. We can tell Chris is a little submissive by how he answers Caruso's questions, each with military style ''Yes sir''. He's also a very happy guy, he smiles and laughs and seems to be enjoying the experience. And that happy go lucky attitude doesn't stop even as Caruso gets down to business by having both boys strip down to get ready for action. Wow, Jacob, who played basketball and soccer in school has been hitting the gym and has packed a lot of good looking muscle on his jock body since we last saw him - topped off with his beautiful thick 7.5 inch cock. Chris, a high school cross country runner, has a slender, defined body with a hint of six pack and a smaller version of his blond bud's cock. Caruso gets the boys right down to business playing with each others cocks until Jacob takes the lead and starts giving Chris his first 'dude' blow job which instantly turns Chris from a smiling giggling dude into one who's partly shocked yet obviously turned on - just watch his face. Now it's time for Chris to give his first gay blow job to his buddy Jacob. He does pretty good, although he gags a few times and comes down with a cute case of ''cocksucker tears''. As we know from his prior video at Bait Buddies, Jacob loves to eat ass - be it man or woman - and it's no different this time when he gives pal Chris his first rimming from a dude. It looked like he could've gone on all day if Caruso let him. But, it's time to to move on to fucking and you can tell Chris is anxious. He knows how great it feels when a dildo hits that magic button and wants to experience what it feels like when the real thing, a pretty big one too, does the job. Jacob makes Chris' first ride on a real cock, a memorable one. He takes no mercy on the boy and fucks him like he was fucking an experienced bottom while Chris moans through the entire thing. A few times Jacob bends down to initiate some kissing. Chris let's him, but keeps his mouth shut tight - it seems like a cock in his mouth and up his ass is OK, but a dude's tongue in his mouth is just a bit too far. Maybe he felt it was too intimate between two friends. Jacob picks up speed and bends down to kiss his buddy once again while at the same time rams his cock deep inside makes Chris moan loudly twice as he cums. Now it's Jacob's turn - he pulls out, rips off and tosses the used rubber and jacks a huge load all over his pal - leaving a 'pear necklace' around his neck. Caruso acknowledges what a great job they did - earning their money for the trip to Fantasy Fest and asks Chris what he's going to be for Halloween, but before Chris can answer, cocky Jacob blurts out ''my bitch''!


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