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Straight Toby Springs Bait Liam Harkmoore
''Wait, what am I doing'?'' asks Toby, as he becomes very conscious that he's making out with a dude for the first time in his life... and it's on camera! Toby started out his day thinking he was going to be taking part in his very FIRST pussy porn video. On set, he tells Caruso that he's not really nervous about doing his video. Toby also says that lots of people tell him that he has the body for porn - and as soon as he strips of his clothes, there is no doubt about it. His perfect proportions, beautiful pecs, hot bubble butt and great legs make one great porn star body. As far as the dick department, we can at least say it's a pretty one. Whatever he may lack in cock size, our experienced porno boy and this week's Bait, Liam, makes up for with a big, thick, pink 8.5'' cock - and he too sports a porn star quality body with everything in the right amounts in the right place. If only Toby knew that Liam is an experienced gay porn star and go-go dancer from L.A., he would've been up and out of the studio before removing a stitch of clothing. Both boys jack their cocks and prove that they can get hard in front of each other and the camera. So, Caruso goes to get the 'female talent' - but due to a tanning overdose on a cruise, she can't perform. Will Caruso send the boys home to return when a girl becomes available? Of course not, so he pulls his shtick and tells them that they'll have to have sex with each other if they want to leave with a paycheck. Upon hearing that, Toby gets up and tells Caruso he's not into that, but Caruso and Liam are insistent that it's no big deal - and Toby finally buys into it and he's willing to ''give it a try''. Liam immediately grabs for Toby's cock and starts stroking. Toby's reaction is priceless - he makes faces like he can't believe this is happening - but it feels good and he just sits there and lets it happen. Once Toby is relaxed, Liam just bends over and swallows the straight boy's cock without any warning and Liam's face has a look of shock on it. Again, he calms down and just enjoys the experience. Next is some cock to cock frot which is pretty hot, but it's just an excuse for Liam to pull Toby in for his first gay kiss. Toby pushes back a bit, but then gives in. And we mean really gives in. We thought we'd have to pull them apart until Toby backs off and says ''wait, what am I doing!'' followed soon after by 'I'm not used to this'', but he does admit he's enjoying the spit swap with Liam - just doesn't know why. Later in the video, he even tells Caruso that Toby is a good kisser. Well, it's now Toby's turn to suck Liam's monster cock. And he takes to cocksucking right away. Liam just gives him a few pointers ''less teeth'', ''more tongue'' and finally tells Toby ''now you're a champ''. After lots of cock sucking, Caruso asks Toby if he's ready to try fucking - ''Let's do it. I'm down!'' replies Toby. It takes no time for Liam to get on all fours as Toby shoves his cock right in up to the pubes - no warm up period and apparently at this point Toby is so ready to get fucked, he's happy to get it fast and furious. The boys fuck up a storm. They change positions as Liam gets on his back and gets pounded again. Toby pulls all the way out and then starts pushing his cock back in, but it's too much for Liam who screams out ''I cumming'' and lets his load fly as he pulls the back of Toby thighs, signalling that he wants the straight stud to keep fucking him while he's in orgasm land. Liam then reaches out, scoops up his own cum and the licks up the handful while sill in a sexual fog of ecstasy. Finally, Toby pulls out and showers his hot straight boy load all over the couch and Liam's body. Both boys are very sweaty, cummy and satisfied and they go off to the shower for clean up. In the end we learn that Toby thinks it was all pretty good for his first time and he'd do it again... for money. Better yet, we learned that Liam can suck his own cock - maybe next time!


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