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Straight Trevor Spade Bait Nate Oakley
''Get it in!'' Words from what you might call an anxious Bait boy, and you can tell that Nate, a 22 year old newbie from Chicago with a hot, defined, slender body he got from running marathons is anxious to get fucked. And what gay boy wouldn't be in a hurry to get plowed when the fucker is Trevor, a very straight 20 year old who's a little rough around the edges, maybe from his time in the Navy. Trevor has a great body, everything is just right, muscles, bubble butt, great legs, lots of tatts and a beautiful, thick 7'' cock that's picture perfect. During his introduction Caruso asks him if he's ever had a three way with another guy and Trevor in his cocky straight boy voice replies ''I fucked my buddy's sister with another dude'' - hot - wish we could see a video of that action! The boys are now side by side on the couch proving to Caruso how they can get their dicks hard under hot lights in front of a camera and each other as they watch some pussy porn - actually Nate was more interested in watching Trevor. With both dudes sporting some rock hard erections Caruso goes to fetch the 'girl'. Unfortunately due to her attendance at a 'chili festival' of some sort she got too much sun and her skin was glowing red so she couldn't do the shoot - that was the story he made up by Caruso this time. Since no other girl was available at the time Caruso offers the guys an alternative, double the money if they have sex with each other. At first Trevor was a definite 'NO', he tells Caruso that he never even jacked off with a buddy. The only thing he did was have a few threesomes with another dude and a girl. After Caruso explained that the girls in lesbian scenes aren't all lesbians, they just do it because it's porn and they're getting paid - Trevor agrees to give it a try. The anxious Nate is so cute when he quickly tries to grab Trevor's cock, but Trevor recoils and indicates that he needs to take a few breaths to get ready. Finally Nate is stroking that delicious looking cock and when it's Trevor's turn he appears to be OK with it and curious enough to watch his own hand jack a dude's cock for the first time. Caruso then asks Trevor to stand up which is Nate's cue to suck his cock. Keep an eye on Trevor's face and watch the absolute shock of realizing a dude is sucking it! When Caruso tells Trevor it's his turn to suck Nate, he says ''No dick is going in my mouth!'' and after he says it in a few different ways, Caruso knows that it's not happening this time. Next Nate stands up and tries to initiate a kiss, but Trevor backs off. When Caruso prods him to try it, Trevor reluctantly does a little kissing, no tongue though, but you can see by the way he kisses Nate back that he's a pretty damn good kisser and very erotic. Caruso asks Trevor if he'll do a little fucking and he has no problem with that. As they're lubing up, Trevor is still watching and talking about the pussy porn that's playing on set and soon Nate, who has been waiting on all fours wanting that fat straight boy dick, loses his patience, shouts ''put it in!''. Caruso then tells Trevor to fuck Nate like the guy on the video they're watching is fucking the girl. Trevor doesn't disappoint as he stuffs that big cock right up Nate's boy pussy and fucks him real good. Trevor is moaning like a whore when it goes in, but before long a look of ecstasy comes over him and he's loving every second. One he's flipped on his back, it doesn't take long before Nate announces that he's cumming and it is a good one - you can almost feel his pleasure. Trevor is now ready to bust, so he rips off the rubber and jacks a load onto Nate's body. Once they come down from the sexual high we see them in the shower soaping up and joking around. When Caruso gets them back on the couch for an interview he asks Trevor how it was and he tells Caruso ''I guess it was OK, I busted a pretty good nut''. Nate was just happy that Trevor 'got it in' and got him off real good. This is one very hot video with two young, hot, sexy dudes and we're sure you guys will get off real good too!


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