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Straight Drake Stone Bait Austyn Onyx
'Now living in northern California, Austyn Onyx a former bait boy is back visiting friends in southern Florida. And, of course he's already out of cash from partying and stuff. He calls Caruso pleading for some work as he needs to make some money real fast, like that day! Caruso knew him to be a nice guy, so he decides he'll rush things up and let him come right over. He tells him he's going to try and get one of the straight guys on the studio list to do a shoot with him. But nobody is available on such short notice, so Caruso has to go back to the applications that he receives through the model link on the site. He has one guy, Drake, who is local in Miami, but Caruso has never gotten back to the guy because his photos clearly show that he's on the thin side where Caruso prefers them more beefy. But, the dude claims to be around 8.5 inches hard and he's cute, and yes, he's available. When Caruso calls him, he's so anxious to do the video he says he'll be at the studio within the hour - and sure enough he shows up in 45 minutes raring to go. Caruso talks to him for a while and finds out that he likes short, blond girls with big tits and that he's had a three way in the past with a girl and her boyfriend, which makes things more interesting. After the boys are told that the girl is a 'no show', Caruso tries to convince Drake that in doing porn you have to be an actor and basically do what's required to make money - it doesn't really mean you're 'one way or the other'. He asks Drake if he ever fooled around or jacked off with a buddy, but Drake just shakes his head no. He also denies ever thinking about doing 'it' with another dude. Then Austyn chimes in saying that he has to pay bills, he needs the money and it's no big deal - it's just work. Before long Drake reluctantly says that he'll give it a try and both boys are swapping handjobs, blowjobs until Drake finally fucks a load out of gay boy Austyn. All said and done, Drake concludes that he enjoyed it. (and Austyn surely did) but would only do it again on camera for cash. Models hired, jacked, sucked and fucked, all within two hours - in porn that's what you call a hot rush job!


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