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Straight Ben Reddson Bait Dakota Wolfe
'Ancient Greece? You would think by now that Caruso would have run out of things to tell straight guys to convince them that sucking another dude's cock is OK? Doesn't seem so - it appears Caruso has an endless supply and this newest one goes way back in time. Our straight country boy from Alabama enters the set with a bad case of nerves and has a very concerned look on his face when he sees another dude, our new Bait boy Dakota sitting on the couch, as he was expecting some hot pussy instead. And maybe he should be a little scared of Dakota as unbeknownst to him the girls in his high school nicknamed Dakota ''Home Wrecker'' because as he tells us, he used to suck off their boyfriends after school. Anyway, Ben gets a little more comfortable after Caruso chats him up and explains that this is going to be a threesome with with a girl that involves some DP (double penetration) and Ben seems OK with that explanation. But, just a few minutes later when he's told that there's no girl and he'll have to have sex with Dakota, he gets that concerned look back on his face and lets Caruso know he's more than hesitant about having gay sex. But, Caruso convinces him that it's no different from two straight girls doing lesbian stuff for porn just because it pays well. So, Ben reluctantly agrees to try it and the boys start swapping handjobs. Caruso notices that Ben appears to be upset as he keeps looking directly at Caruso with an unhappy face like he wants to say something. So, before things go south Caruso questions Ben ''You look very concerned, are you OK?'' and Ben says ''I never done this before'', he had told us that he's jacked off with buddies before but there was no touching, but this was something altogether different. That's when Caruso tells him about the ancient Greek Olympics where yet unmarried hetero men, the athletes, went to the baths to get off with other dudes. Then Dakota pipes in saying he's pretty well studied in ancient Greece and that the Olympics were basically a hot bed of gay sex. Well, if it was good enough for those strong, masculine Greek Olympic athletes then it seemed like it might be a good enough reason for this straight boy to learn how to suck some dick and that's just what happens. Ben starts sucking Dakota's cock and is quickly instructed to watch his teeth. Once Ben settles into a rhythm Dakota quips ''I think he's getting the hang of it''. It actually looks like Ben even starts to enjoy his first cock sucking experience. Caruso now tells the guys to stand up and has them initiate a frot session. That's when Dakota asks Ben if he ever considered kissing another dude and of course he never had. Well, now he didn't have much choice as Dakota moves right in and initiates him with his first gay make out session with tongue and spit swapping and all. As Ben recovers from his first gay kiss, Caruso just elevates the level of sex and tells Ben that it's time to fuck Dakota. So, Ben dons a rubber and shoves his cock into Dakota's experienced hole and starts fucking him like he was fucking a country girl after they skinny dipped in the river. Dakota moans ''Feels good!'' and Ben says ''Feels good on my end too''. But, Dakota quickly gets uncomfortable fucking a dude and says ''I can't believe I'm doing this... I can't do this'' and quickly loses his boner. Caruso realizes that the fucking is over with and tells Ben ''you seemed to like sucking dick, do you want to do more of that'' and Ben quickly agrees - anything to get his cock out of another dudes butt hole. The boys swap blow jobs and soon enough Ben says to Dakota ''you're gonna make me cum''. Ben then strokes his cock and shoots a really, really big load all over Dakota's face. So big that by the end everyone is giggling. It's then Dakota's turn and he lays back and jacks off until he makes himself cum. Enjoy this fun and sexy scene!


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