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Straight Gavin Greene Bait Logan Vaughn
'And boy does our new straight buddy Gavin have the right ''tool'' for this job - it's a bit over 9 inches and thick. We shot this a while ago and since have sent Gavin, a part-time bartender and football coach, to several Gay4Pay jobs. However, Caruso was lucky enough to nab this cute, masculine boy at the beginning of his new career and shift his focus from pussy to dick where nowadays he can make more money. Gavin has a bit of that sexy mid-west cowboy accent, a natural body from his ranch work and days playing both high school and college football. This dude is no gym bunny - he's a beer swigging country boy who goes out with his buddies hunting for pussy whenever they can, yet, as we are soon to find out, will get down with another dude if the cash is right. He says he realized his cock was bigger than the average, way bigger, around 17 years old when after football practice as he sauntered into the showers with his jock buddies they started making comments about what was swinging around between his legs. So, Caruso wanted to find out just what it's like for him living with a big schlong and asks him ''what's the best and worst thing about having a 9+ inch cock''. Gavin tells him the best thing is getting paid to do porn and the worst is getting turned down. We think the trade off is pretty minor compared to having that weapon on board - as you see it's quite impressive. We pair Gavin up with Logan, one of our returning champion Bait boys. Logan is just as handsome as ever with his blond hair and super hunky/beefy body that makes us want to just grab and caress every baby smooth inch of it. Logan has been working out and put on some more bulk which makes him look even sexier along with his perfect 7'' cock. The boys are side by side jacking on the couch (they barely fit on it with Logan's splayed massive thighs taking up most of the space) so they can show Caruso that getting hard in front of the camera is not a problem. Of course when Caruso goes to get the girl she's missing in action and there's nobody to replace her. Gavin is given the hard choice of going home without getting paid or having sex with Logan. Gavin jumps right up and grabs his clothes - he's ready to dash, but Caruso and Logan talk him down and eventually he relents and decides to give it a shot. Logan is fast to grab Gavin's huge piece of meat and starts jacking it. Gavin gets the idea that he has to return the favor and so it goes on to blow jobs - that big fat niner was really turning Logan on and if you think that's hot you will totally get off when Logan takes that beast right up his very hot, sexy and ready hole with just a few grunts and a very satisfied and euphoric look on his face. Gavin proceeds to fuck Logan in a couple of positions and Logan is totally lost in the ecstasy of the fuck, groaning and moaning like there weren't three other dudes in the room watching. Logan finally sits down on that meat monster and the boys fuck until he shoots a big, hot load of sperm onto the floor. You think he's done spooging, but Gavin keeps fucking and Logan keeps cumming. Our cowboy/bartender/coach now lays down on his back and 'pulls one off' just as if he was jacking off laying on his bed at home, eyes closed and we're pretty sure he was thinking about the last hoochie he pummeled with his big 'right for the job' tool!


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