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Straight Tripp Townsend Bait Michael Roberts
'Tripp is our straight boy today, he hails from Houston, Texas. He loves fucking Latinas and thinks this is his lucky day because he's going to get him some pussy and be paid for it to boot...but we all know better than that by now. Tripp has a damn big cock, almost 9 inches and it's thick. He plans to be using that big ole thing today to pound some babe in a three way with another dude, which he said he's done before with a buddy, to make his first adult film. He's 22 years old with blue eyes, blond hair and a fit, natural body you'd expect on a sexy, young, straight dude born and raised in cowboy territory. Caruso selects Michael, another 22 year old boy as his Bait Buddy. Michael is from the mid-west, he has a pretty nice body and a respectable 7'' dick. And, he pretty much tells Caruso that his hot hole is twitching for some big straight boy cock. Caruso has the boys stripped down naked, watching porn and stroking their sizable dicks and as he walks around and examines them with the eye of his camera and asks Tripp ''How does it feel to be on camera?'' to which Tripp happily replies ''I like it''. Tripp isn't nervous at all, he's anxious to display his stuff (because he knows it's good) and get into some hot freaky sex with some big breasted Latina chick. Uh, oh! Caruso delivers the disappointing news that it's 'that time of the month' for the girl and she can't work today. Of course Caruso has an alternate proposition for the boys so that they can all still get paid. He tells Tripp he'll double the money and all he has to do is have sex with Michael. ''No way! Not gonna happen! It's not gonna work, look it went down already'' indicating his dick is now soft and deflated. We all know what happens next, Caruso rationalizes that whole thing with Tripp and as soon as he realizes that Michael is willing to do it (of course, that's what he's there for) he gives in and the action ensues with mutual hand jobs, soon to be followed by Michael getting his mouth on Tripp's monster Texas cock. Michael starts sucking and deep throating Tripp and before you know it, Tripp's hand is on Michael's head keeping him in mouth and throat just where he likes it. Check out the undeniable look of ecstasy on Tripp's face as he gets his first gay bj. Now it's time for a little dick to dick action and the boys stand up and rub those hot, hard tools together. Then Michael slowly closes in on Tripp and finally grabs him for a kiss. Tripp realizes what's about to happen and rejects the advance saying ''fucking crazy''. This goes on a few more times until Tripp gives in. It starts with small pecks on the lips and finally Tripp is in a sex fog and lets his mouth open and Michael's tongue in, but that too ends pretty quickly as Tripp comes to his senses. Caruso then asks Tripp if he knows what's next and Tripp replies ''you're gonna want me to suck his dick''. ''What's wrong with that?'' Caruso asks. ''He's a dude, that's what's wrong with it''. Caruso tells Tripp that it's part of the deal and he needs to return the favor. By this time Tripp decides to give in and just goes for it. He puts the tip of Michael's sizable cock in his mouth and sucks a bit before he innocently inquires ''is that how you do it?'' And, it's not too long before Tripp gets comfortable enough to deep throat Michael's cock to which Caruso muses ''A cocksucker is born!''. Now Caruso points out Michael's beefy, little butt and basically tells the straight boy it's time to fuck. Tripp puts on a rubber and Michael sits right down on almost 9 inches of cock and starts fucking the straight boy with his hungry hole. Watch closely as that look of ecstasy quickly returns to Tripp's face and he blurts out ''not so bad''. Michael really wants to get a hard straight boy fucking just like he was one of Tripp's girls, so he lays on his back and lifts his legs for his new lover. Tripp is so horny now that he just slips his full length in and starts pummeling the boy's butt. Tripp seems to be enjoying it, but keeps his eyes on the straight pussy porn playing on the monitor in the studio. Breathlessly, Tripp asks Michael ''you like it' and the boy moans ''yeah - give it to me, fuck me, pump it, yeah, just like that, make me cum ------ oh yeah, fuck me hard'' and as Tripp complies, Michael shoots a big load all over his torso. As soon as Tripp sees that Michael is satisfied, he jacks his cock frantically as he watches the pussy porn and shoots a huge load all over Michael's arm, stomach and leg. Caruso asks Tripp ''how was that'' to which Tripp replies ''it was an earned release'' - oh yeah!


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