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Straight Scott Cage Bait Andrew Collins
'No, the 'D' isn't a report card grade, but if we were talking about report cards, our straight boy Scott would've received an 'A+' for his 'D'. This will all become clear when you watch this week's video where you'll learn that Scott refers to his huge, thick 8+ inch cock as 'The D'. Scott is a redneck surfer boy from the Carolina coast who has a naturally, super sexy physique from surfing, body boarding, tubing and boating among other activities he participates in - his favorite being pussy hunting. He categorizes pussy in a unique way we haven't heard before; blonds are bimbos, read heads are adventurous and wild for sex while blonds are basically air heads. He tells Caruso about 'Lucky Lucy', a red head he and his boys used to pass around for a blow job or fuck. He tells us all them women at home just want the 'D'. When Caruso asks him what the 'D' is, he points to his crotch indicating that the 'D' is his big, thick slightly curved 8'' cock which he also refers to as his 'log'. He's your typical cocky, straight surfer boy and for him, it's always about his hotness and his big cock - he knows his shit is good and he'll tell you so - at one point he even tells Caruso ''I'm sexy as hell''. Ya know, there's something real knee buckling erotic about that kind of straight boy confidence. Yet, he's not arrogant and all throughout the scene Scott smiles and laughs - which makes him even sexier. To bait Scott, Caruso brings in returning Bait Buddies contestant, Andrew, a cute, blue eyed 20 year old with a hot compact body who's itching to get fucked by a straight dude.


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