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Straight Landon Kovac Bait Trey Turner


'Long time fans of may remember our hot, kinky Bait boy, Jessie Colter. Well, Jessie was a physical training client of Trey's, this week's Bait, back several years ago when Trey was still fucking pussy and claimed to be 100% Straight. At the time, Jessie convinced Trey to come into our studio and make a gay porn video with him. They were always pretty tight, besides Trey training Jessie, they went to clubs together where Trey would hunt pussy and Jessie would eye the dudes and point them out to Trey who would laugh it off. But, nothing was funny about their first time having sex. It turned into one super hot scene and Trey hasn't been the same since. Soon, Caruso sent Trey out on jobs and he quickly became a prolific gay4pay performer. Then Trey decided to take a rest from making gay porn and only came out of his self imposed 'retirement' this past year to return to our studio and have sex with one specific guy he had seen on the site, Alejandro, and these two powerful men turned out one very hot sex scene.

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