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Straight Tony Douglas Bait Conner Mason


'Former straight boy Tony who made his porn debut with us back in 2010 went on to do many movies, but has not performed for the last few years. That's because he got engaged to be married and had a great job working on the railroad. But things recently soured as he was laid off and in need of money, so he reached out to Caruso for help, and that's what got him back in the studio where Caruso briefly introduces Tony and then moves on to Conner, ''Welcome! How are you.'' Conner replies ''Good! How are you?'', as Caruso can see him turning red and fidgeting. ''You are a nervous wreck aren't you'' Caruso inquires ''a little bit'' Conner says as he nervously laughs. ''What about a straight guy turns you on he asks Conner. ''The chase'' - great answer. Caruso tells us how Tony was here 6 years ago doing his first shoot and has since gone on to do lots of other work in porn. Tony says he thinks he's hit every department including fetish, gay, straight, leather, bondage, you name it. He tells us that after his porn career he went away to college and got his bachelor's degree in civil engineering and electrical power generation then he landed a safety position job with the railroad but was recently laid off.

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