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Grayson and Jordan B
This week we welcome back Jordan B as our bait! Jordan has been hitting the gym and the beach a lot more and it shows. His body just keeps getting better as well as his tan! Jordan introduces us to a friend of his from college named Grayson. Grayson is from Salt Lake City Utah and before long the cold and snow will set in there so Jordan talked Grayson into coming to Florida and hitting the beach before winter. Grayson is a dream come true! He's 6'2'', 200 pounds, with hazel eyes, blond hair, and a beautiful 8.5'' thick dick! Even though Grayson came to Florida to hit the beach, he also came here to do something else... Jordan had explained to Grayson that he's been modeling and that it's actually gay porn. Surprisingly Grayson was curious himself and thought that if he ever experimented with a guy then he would prefer to do it with Jordan! Caruso has both guys stand up and undress. Once naked, the awkwardness kicked in and Grayson couldn't stop laughing. He quickly got himself together and started to make out with Jordan while stroking each other's cocks. After stroking Grayson's huge dick, Jordan decided to shove it in his mouth. Grayson was hard as a rock and Jordan was dying to get fucked so Grayson put condom on and lubed up! Grayson fucked Jordan until he came before pulling out and shooting a huge load of his own!


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