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Dmitry Osten
Russian born Dmitry Osten is a tight, lean young man who apparently has quite the uniform fetish. His desires led him into a 3 way encounter on a military base with 2 soldiers and apparently he took turns bottoming and topping. Over the last 3 years Dmitry has been quite interested in sex and has been willing to try just about anything. Once his pants come off we understand exactly why this stud is so popular. He has a freaking horse dick; and, it is rock hard, waiting to be jacked. Dmitry takes matters in hand and starts pumping. As he jacks his cock with one hand the other hands fingers are teasing away at his sweet tight asshole. As he moves between the sofa and the floor you can tell that Dmitry is getting into jacking his cock. His balls are full and tight. They barely move when hes jacking that dick of his. Lying back on the sofa, legs spread, Dmitry gets some relief as his cock spits thick globs of jizz all over his tummy and chest. He slowly scoops up the cum with his fingers and licks them clean before swallowing every drop.


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