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Andro Maas and Tyler Underwood
24 year old Tyler Underwood makes a return appearance on Badpuppy, but this time in an intensely hot action video with 28 year old ginger stud, Ando Maas. After a very cute interview where they guys simply talk to each other they begin comparing parts of their bodies; but, when Tyler asks Ando to show his cock so they can compare Andro tells him that he has to wait. The teasing piques Tylers interest and he goes in for a deep, passionate kiss. Andro reaches for the bulge in Tylers pants and then drops to his knees as he pulls Tylers pants to his knees. Tylers cock is rock hard in his underwear and Andro goes right to sniffing and rubbing Tylers package before pulling out his rock hard cock and swallowing it whole. Our two hot ginger studs quickly undress each other, sucking and jerking each others cocks before Andro bends Tyler over the sofa, spread his cheeks and then buries his tongue deep into Tylers waiting hole. Between the fingers and the tongue, Tyler easily lets Andro drive his long thick cock deep into his hole; and the pounding begins. And then, we have a total flip-flop. Andro winds up face first on the rug with his legs spread wide on the sofa. Tyler mounts Andro from the top and shove his dick all the way in and definitely gives Andro something very thick to ride. Flipping over on his back Andro jerks his cock as Tyler fucks him even harder. As his nuts tighten he lets loose a load of jizz all over his stomach and chest. Tyler pulls his cock out of Andro, stands up and sprays and equally impressive load of jizz all over Andro.


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