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At Home With Max Trey
Max Trey pulls out his camera and immediately starts working his tight, ripped body. When we join him, he is standing there in nothing but a jockstrap showing off his incredible physique. Max flexes his muscles and kisses his bicep before grabbing the huge bulge in his jockstrap. He turns his ass to the camera, spread his cheeks wide giving us a view of that tight, sweet hole. Max slips his jockstrap down and his huge, uncut cock springs straight up. Laying back on the bed Max gets naked and starts jacking his rock-hard dick. His balls are big and tight. You can tell they are loaded. Max moves to the chair where he quickly finishes himself off, blowing thick loads of jizz up onto his chest, face and abs. What makes it hotter is when Max reaches down, smears the cum with his fingers and then licks his fingers clean. Yum!


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