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Skyler Magnum


Skyler Magnum is a cute young bartender from Toronto who is making his porn debut here on Badpuppy. He admits that he's done some photoshoots and has had offers to do videos before; but, until now he's not acted on those offers. He pulls off his shirt and pants before laying back on the bed where he starts rubbing the bulge growing in his underwear. He slips his cock from the confines of his shorts to find that he's already dripping precum. Pulling his legs back he spreads his hole wide open for the camera letting us get a close-up view of his sweet, tight ass. Skyler grabs his thick, uncut cock and starts jacking using the abundance of precum as lube. His other hand moves to tweak his nipple which appears to stimulate his cock as it gets rock-hard. Skyler licks his finger and then slowly pushes it up his ass. He begins finger fucking himself as he slowly jerks his cock. He jacks his cock faster and his nuts tighten, almost disappearing as his slaps his dick against his tummy. Skyler begins breathing deeper and we can tell he's getting close. His toes curl and feet lift off the bed as he blows a thick juicy load of cum all over himself..

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