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JD Black and Mitchell Jones


Mitchell Jones is hanging out reading when JD Black bursts thru the door, jumps on the bed and grabs Mitchell's cock. He tells Mitchell that he is very horny so, Mitchell rolls him over on the bed, rips off his jeans and starts giving JD one hell of a blowjob. JD is soon face-fucking Mitchell's mouth with his long, uncut cock. JD reaches down and feels the huge bulge in Mitchell's pants. They immediately strip out of their clothes and JD makes a beeline for Mitchell's rock-hard cock. His tongue works its magic as Mitchell's eyes roll back in his head. Mitchell rolls over on the bed, wanting more. He spreads his legs wide, JD climbs on, shoves his cock straight into Mitchell's ass and starts pounding away. These hot young studs go at it hard and fast in multiple positions until neither could hold back any longer. JD pulls out and starts jacking his cock over Mitchel's chest. Mitchel immediately starts cumming all over himself and this sends JD over the edge. JD starts shooting and his jizz starts flying everywhere, coating not only Mitchell and the bed; but, the cameraman as well.

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